Industrial Hand Soap With Attitude

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Time to get SURLY


Industrial Hand Soap With Attitude

The Hand Soap with Attitude™.


The Grind

Everyday our bodies we’re exposed to grease, dirt, paint and the grit from working hard. Our work clung to us and found its way into every crevice. Frustrated by current soaps and hand cleaners on the market, we set out to design a product that worked as hard as we did. A soap that would clean and rejuvenate hands.


Designed in a garage in Seattle, WA,  we field tested in some of the toughest environments with the burliest elements our hands could find their way into.  Our mission was to engineer a product that could lather and scrub leaving our hands clean without chemicals. A product that would work as hard as we did and enable us to leave work behind.

The Core

The results of our hard work was a soap that was SURLY. A soap with attitude engineered with a durable infused scrubber and built-in finger rail to scour stubborn compounds. A hand cleaner not afraid to punish anything it encounters without damaging the skin. SURLY soap removes a hard days work and leaves your hands feeling rejuvenated.


Soap with Attitude™

surly soap family the soap with attitude featuring a built in scrub pad in every bar of soap


Soap with Attitude™

Don’t take our word for it.

From The Field

“The infused scrubber is great for removing paint and caulk. It is gentle on your hands yet it is able to get dirt out of the cracks in your skin. Lots of soap with a mild smell. Only soap I’ve found to clean and rejuvenate hands. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I love the product.”
Glen D
“I have been a firefighter for 11 years, and have never found a decent product to combat grease, dirt, glue, paint etc. I found your product and am so thankful I tried it. Unbelievable product! This is the best soap for cleaning hands. I will never use anything else, the soap leaves your hands feeling so clean and smooth after, and it is really cool how the soap stays in the pad, even when it looks like their is nothing left. Keep up the great work, you have created an amazing product!”
Darin L
“Awesome product, I paint, garden and work around the house projecting so needed something intense but not too harsh on my hands. This product takes the dirt and paint off but does not leave my hands dry. I love the scrub effect and I no longer have garden dirt under my nails, such a cool design! Would definitely recommend it!”
Kim G