We are a brotherhood of mechanics, painters and craftsman who came together with a common goal; to leave work behind. Everyday our bodies were exposed to grease, dirt, paint and the grit. In all our industries our work clung to us and found its way into every crevice. We expect the dirt to get in between our fingers, the grease to cover our nails and the paint to stick to our skin. Frustrated by current soaps and hand cleaners on the market, we needed a product that worked as hard as we did. Motivated by results, we began engineering SURLY soap.


Designed in a garage, we field tested on job sites in the toughest environments until we achieved the most powerful cleanser on the market. A soap engineered with a durable infused scrubber and built-in finger rail to scour stubborn compounds in hard to reach areas.


SURLY soap is the Soap with Attitude™. A hand cleaner not afraid to punish anything it encounters. We take pride in knowing our clients are using a soap that works as hard as they do.


Inside each bar of SURLY is a powerful solid scrub pad that reveals itself the more you use it. SURLY Soap’s infused scrubber with built-in finger rail punishes grease, dirt and other stubborn compounds. Ordinary soap just withers away the more you use it. SURLY gets tougher!


THE TOUGHEST HAND SOAP ON THE MARKET. Might want to stick to just hands on this one.
Description: 7.5OZ Bar
Available in 6pk POP Displays & Combo Packs


LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MORE UNIVERSAL? Great for hands and safe for the forearms.
Description: 7.5OZ Bar
Available in 6pk POP Displays & Combo Packs


NEED SOMETHING LIGHTER? THIS IS YOUR BAR. Feel free to explore and use anywhere.
Description: 7.5OZ Bar
Available in 6pk POP Displays & Combo Packs


A Small Bar with a Big Attitude!

Experience SURLY Soap MINI’s powerful scrubbing action on the go and leave work behind. Inside of each bar is a powerful scrubber and it’s unique design penetrates where other soap’s can’t touch.

SURLY Liquid

SURLY Liquid is a multi-purpose heavy-duty hand cleaner. Get the power of SURLY scrub pad in a liquid. Removes grease, dirt, paint and more. Comes equipped with its own AGGRESSIVE scrub pad.

What does it mean to be SURLY? It’s having attitude in everything you do.  It’s about what lies beneath the surface. What keeps us going at SURLY is the feedback from our customers who use our line of SURLY soap products. Everyday our SURLY customers are putting our products to the test. Their confidence and enthusiasm when they grab a SURLY bar, Mini or SURLY liquid keeps us going. When they stop working so will we, but that will never happen.

I came home after cleaning/detailing my motorcycle with some really nasty greasy hands. I used to use orange pumice soap to deal with this type of situation, but I found the Surly soap to be more effective, plus it doesn’t have that chemical smell. It took me less than 20 seconds to get my hands completely clean!


Awesome product, I paint, garden and work around the house projecting so needed something intense but not too harsh on my hands. This product takes the dirt and paint off but does not leave my hands dry. I love the scrub effect and I no longer have garden dirt under my nails, such a cool design! Would definitely recommend it!


Awesome product! Cleans very well. We love it!!

Daniel DPainter

Working for Habitat for Humanity, your hands get really dirty. The infused scrubber is great for removing paint and caulk. It is gental on your hands yet it is able to get dirt out of the cracks in your skin. Lots of soap with a mild smell. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I love the product.

Douglas BBContractor


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