Get The Soap with Attitude™!

Experience SURLY Soap’s powerful scrubbing action. This intense soap works from within to penetrate the stains other soap’s can’t touch. Use SURLY Soap’s infused scrubber with built-in finger rail to punish the dirt and remove stubborn compounds. Available at Sherwin-Williams, Rodda Paint, Miller Paint Co, Select ACE Hardware stores and online at TheGrommet.

Think outside the trash. Even when the soap is gone SURLY lives on. Use the scrub pad around the house in the kitchen, on walls and the bathroom. It just works.


Description: 7.5OZ Bar | Built-in Finger Rail | Infused Scrub Pad


“Working for Habitat for Humanity, your hands get really dirty. The infused scrubber is great for removing paint and caulk. It is gental on your hands yet it is able to get dirt out of the cracks in your skin. Lots of soap with a mild smell. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I love the product.”
Douglas Burke – May 27, 2018

“Awesome product, I paint, garden and work around the house projecting so needed something intense but not too harsh on my hands. This product takes the dirt and paint off but does not leave my hands dry. I love the scrub effect and I no longer have garden dirt under my nails, such a cool design! Would definitely recommend it!”
Kim Berg

“My husband works with his hands and they look cruddy at times, so I bought this soap and it works great! The fingernail track in the soap is the soap is ingenious!”
Vicki K